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Bob Dedogh tells me there is an example of how to speed up the File Selector (which can take a long time when you change disk) included in pBackup.opl, and source code was available on the web site so you can study the method.

The 'official' way of doing it is with a resource file. The 'System.OXH' file has the following procedures for handling resouce files: LoadRsc&:(file$) Loads the resource file file$ and returns a handle for it. UnLoadRsc:(id&) Unloads the resource file whose handle is id&. ReadRsc$:(id&) Reads the resource in a resource file specified by id& which must already be loaded. ReadRscLong&:(id&) Reads a 32-bit value from a resource file specified by the id& which must already be loaded. As for how you create the resource file in the first place, I'm not sure, but it's probably all documented somewhere in the OPL Development Kit. HTH Simon Jeffree

Automated UID request system - Symbian has introduced an automated web-based >UID request system to replace the legacy email-based system. Please use this >new system as email request will not being handled anymore. The URL will be redirected to The main purpose seems to be the support for signed SymbianOS V9 applications. If you need an UID for an EPOC application, go for "Class 1 | 0x10000000 - 0x1FFFFFFF | Legacy UID allocations". You need to register with Symbian to use the system.

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