Psion Epoc Key responses, shortcuts and tips

Quick keyboard shortcuts on your Psion.

Psion Epoc keyboard responses and shortcuts.

I gathered these here initially just to give me a convenient list. You can find most of them in the Psion manuals, the builtin help (under keypresses), and in the actual application. Note that the Revo may lack some shortcuts or use different keys, and the Psion 7 may use different keys.

System Screen
[number] Goto that menu item
[letter] Go to Icon starting with that letter
Tap Select (highlight) that application file Tap twice Open that file in its associated application Tap three times quickly Open a file in background Ctrl+A select All
Shift+Ctrl+A ?
Ctrl+B go to Bookmark
Shift+Ctrl+B insert Bookmark
Ctrl+C Copy
Shift+Ctrl+C Change to Disk C
Ctrl+D Delete file
Shift+Ctrl+D Change to Disk D
Ctrl+E Exit file and close it
Shift+Ctrl+E Exits many applications
Ctrl+F Folder close
Shift+Ctrl+F Format disk
Ctrl+G browse folder
Shift+Ctrl+G name disk
Ctrl+H information about Psion 5
Shift+Ctrl+H ? help file in some applications
Ctrl+I sort display
Shift+Ctrl+I memory information
Ctrl+Icon opens Extras item in that position
Ctrl+J List open files
Shift+Ctrl+J ? format an object?
Ctrl+K preferences
Shift+Ctrl+K disk information
Ctrl+L Link selection
Shift+Ctrl+L ?
Ctrl+M zoom fonts
Shift+Ctrl+M Zoom fonts down
Ctrl+N New file
Shift+Ctrl+N New folder
Ctrl+O Open file
Shift+Ctrl+O Owner information
Ctrl+P Properties of file
Shift+Ctrl+P battery information
Ctrl+Q Current disk
Shift+Ctrl+Q machine information
Ctrl+R Rename file
Shift+Ctrl+R ?
Ctrl+Fn+R (only in List, Open Files) Last Reset details
Ctrl+S control panel
Ctrl+System lists all applications running
Ctrl+Tab from System screen shows contents of ROM Z:
Ctrl+T Toolbar to be shown
Shift+Ctrl+T Title position
Ctrl+U Disk gauge
Shift+Ctrl+U ?
Ctrl+V paste from clipboard
Ctrl+W Width of column larger
Shift+Ctrl+W Width of column smaller
Ctrl+X cut (or move) to clipboard
Shift+Ctrl+X clear clipboard
Ctrl+Y copy disk
Shift+Ctrl+Y ?
Ctrl+Z undo last
Shift+Ctrl+Z edit object (in some applications)

Esc then Enter Go to root of file system

Fn+Icon open new file in standard (Document) folder
Shift+Fn+Icon open new file in present folder
Fn+System toggles between present and most recent application
Fn+Ctrl+System toggles between all running application
Triple tap a file in system screen to launch in background
Tab to use the File Manager
Ctrl+User_touchpad displays icon (Psion 7 and NetBook only)

In Many applications
Fn+M increments numeric field by 1 (date)
Shift+Fn+M increments numeric field by 10 (date)
Fn+? decrements numeric field by 1 (date)
Shift+Fn+? decrements numeric field by 10 (date)
Shift+Ctrl+C Special character menu in many applications
Shift+Ctrl+E Exits many applications
Shift+Ctrl+F for Font style and size in many applications
Shift+Ctrl+H Help file in some applications
Shift+Ctrl+O Insert an Object in many applications
Shift+Ctrl+T Toggle Toolband in many applications
Shift+Ctrl+Fn+C inserts special Character in many applications
Shift+Ctrl+Fn+K is a soft reset from system (or closes an application)
Shift+Ctrl+Fn+K closes application in foreground
Shift+Ctrl+Fn+S Snapshots application open as a screen capture
(View using Sketch, Merge, Epoc Picture)

Access the ROM Z: drive

The official way is Ctrl Tab (not available on Revo), however in the System screen, use Ctrl N to create a new file, with the name Z:\abc. This will produce an access denied message, which you clear, and you will be in the Z: drive much faster.

Selecting Text

Select text by highlighting it. Put the cursor in the text and extend highlight.
Shift+stylus tap anywhere for any arbitrary area.
Shift+left or right arrow for a character at a time.
Shift+up and down arrow for a line at a time.
Shift+Ctrl+left or right arrow for a word at a time.
Shift+Ctrl+up or down arrow for a paragraph at a time.
Shift+Fn+right arrow to end of line.
Shift+Fn+left arrow to start of line.
Shift+Fn+up arrow to start of page.
Shift+Fn+left arrow to end of page.
Ctrl+A to select all (careful, can be dangerous).

Silkscreen Keycodes

Jim McDuggan wrote that if my Psion 5 touch screen was broken, I could access the silkscreen keys by pressing the Ctrl key, then these codes:

Menu 10000
Cut/Copy/Paste 10001
Infrared 10002
Zoom In 10003
Zoom Out 10004
System 10064
Word 10065
Sheet 10066
Data 10067 (Contacts on S5mx)
Agenda 10068
Time 10069 (Email on S5mx)
Calc 10070
Sketch 10071 (Jotter on S5mx)
Extras 10072 (well, you can look at them, anyway).

So I also checked on a genuine broken 5mx Menu 10000
Cut/Copy/Paste 10001
Infrared 10002
Zoom In 10003
Zoom Out 10004
System 10064
Word 10065
Sheet 10066
Contacts 10067
Agenda 10068
Email 10069
Calc 10070
Jotter 10071
Extras 10072 (well, you can look at them, anyway).

And Simo Cockshutt advises on the MC218
CTRL + 10068 E_MAIL
CTRL + 10070 WORD
CTRL + 10071 SHEET

These are NOT the same on the S7 and netBook. Beneath are the codes for the S7 and netBook, from Michael Degn.

Menu 10000
Cut/Copy/Paste 10001
Infrared 10002
Zoom In 10003
Zoom Out 10004
User app button 1 10005
User app button 2 10006
User app button 3 10007
User app button 4 10008
System 10064
Email 10065
Web 10066
Word 10067
Sheet 10068
Contact 10069
Time 10070
Agenda 10071
Calc 10072
Jotter 10073
Extras 10074

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