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Party report from Airlie Beach

To persuade friends to visit I listed parties in Airlie Beach, and enclosed copies with letters, back in the early days. However I'm too old to even want to party continuously, so this listing has rather lapsed.

I do note that there is a Party Whitsundays tour of some of Airlie's bars each Saturday night with a $35 ticket. The bars are Magnum's, Legends Bar, Morocco's Party Bar, and Trick's Nightclub (tickets available at the above bars). Gets you (some) free drinks, dinner, T-shirt, happy hour drink prices, party games, mechanical surfboard rides, and live bands. Every Saturday night starts 6:30 p.m. from Magnum's Bar.

November 2002 Fantasea Reef Festival starts with fireworks on 1st. On the 2nd, the morning markets, afternoon a street parade, beach volleyball, and in the evening, at the lagoon. 3rd is Channel 7 Food and Wine Festival. Specials to the Reef from 4 to 8. 9th repeats the markets, plus an air sea rescue exercise, and a masked carnival cabaret. 10th is an air display.

Party 1
October 1998
Party 2
November 1998
Party 3
May 1999

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