Patricia Wrightson

Born in Lismore, NSW 19 June 1921, and best known for well written children's stories. First book I know of is Down to Earth (Harcourt, Bruce and World, 1965, 222pp and Hutchinson, London, 1965) I was kindly sent a list of additional books by a reader Mick.

The Crooked Snake (1955)
The Bunyip Hole (1958)
The Rocks of Honey (1960)
Down to Earth (1965)
A Racecourse for Andy (1968)
I Own the Racecourse! (1968)
Beneath the Sun : an Australian collection for children (1972)
An Older Kind of Magic (1972)
The Nargun and the Stars (1973)
Emu Stew : an illustrated collection of stories and poems for children (1976)
The Ice is Coming (1977)
The Human Experience of Fantasy (1978)
The Dark Bright Water (1978)
Night Outside (1979)
Behind the Wind (1981)
Journey Behind the Wind (1981)
A Little Fear (1983)
The Haunted Rivers (1983)
Moon-dark (1987)
The Song of Wirrun (1987)
Manmorker (1989)
The Old, Old Ngarang (1989)
The Sugar-gum Tree (1991)
Shadows of Time (1994)
The Wrightdon List (1998)