Jack Wodhams

Jack Wodhams was born in England and settled in Queensland as a child. He started selling short stories to John W Campbell's Analog magazine in the 1960's. His stories were sometimes enhanced by humourous illustrations by Kelly Freas. At that date, Jack was doubtlessly the best known Australian SF short story writer outside his own country.

Later story sales were to The Twilight Zone, Amazing, Rigel, Fantasy Book, Omega and PM. Jack also contributed a variety of material, including illustrations, to Australian fanzines of the 1970's.

His novels include The Authentic Touch, a Curtis Books paperback published in 1971. Paul Collins' Void Publications, and Cory and Collins, published subsequent books. Looking for Blucher, a 1980 paperback, and in 1982, another novel Ryn, and a set of four stories under the title Future War