Wynne Whiteford

Born in Melbourne on 23 December 1915, Wynne Whiteford published a number of suspense stories in Australian magazines in the 1950's, and his stories are still characterised by a feeling of suspense. His engineering background assisted him in his position as technical editor of Australian Motor Manual, however he held other writing jobs, including doing the "pets" section for the Melbourne Herald. While attending Melbourne University, Wynne married a fellow student, a psychologist, and his interest in patterns of human behaviour shows in his novels.

His first story, Beyond the Infinite appeared in Adam and Eve in 1934. A geologist uses crystals from a meterorite to build a vehicle which moves him to a bleak alternate dimension. He returns to tell his story, and then disappears during a second expedition. His second story, Automaton, appeared in The Bulletin in 1935.

He began writing novelette length sf while living in Washington, D.C. Subsequent moves included New York (arriving the day the first Sputnik went into orbit). He also lived in London for two years.

Wynne was a frequent attendee at local conventions. He was a founder member of The Nova Mob, the Melbourne based science fiction discussion group. After his first wife died, he and writer Gwayne Naug teamed up in the 1970's and were together until his death on 30 September 2002.

Wynne's novels include Breathing Space Only (Void 3 - Cory and Collins, 1980), Sapphire Road ((Void 7 - Cory and Collins, 1982), Thor's Hammer (Void 10 - Cory and Collins, 1983)The Hyades Contract (Ace 1987), Lake of the Sun (Ace 1989), and The Specialist (Ace 1990)