Steven Paulsen

Steven Paulsen is a Melbourne writer of science fiction, fantasy and horror. He was the founder and editor of The Australian SF Writers' News, a SF/Fantasy/Horror writers' market guide and publishing news magazine. His articles and interviews appear regularly in various magazines and his short fiction has appeared in magazines and anthologies in Australia, the USA and the UK. Steven's first book, The Stray Cat, a dark fantasy for 10-14 year olds will be published by Lothian in July 1996. A young adult fantasy novel is also in the pipeline.


Please note this is not a comprehensive bibliography, as it excludes non genre works and a number of minor articles and book reviews.


The Stray Cat, Lothian Books 1996

Short Stories

(* denotes anthology)

Art Critic                The Cygnus Chronicler - Vol 4 No 3 June  1982
Logic Loop                Aphelion #5 - Summer 86/87               1987
Errand Run                Aphelion #5 - Summer 86/87               1987
The Place                 Terror Australis #1                April 1988
Art Critic (reprint)      The Melbourne Report               July  1989
Old Wood                  Terror Australis #2                July  1990
Talisman                  East Regional Library Story Contest book 1990
Two Tomorrow              Eidolon #3                               1990
Stray Cat                 EOD Magazine #7                    Sept  1992
Logic Loop (reprint)      Worlds in Small (Cacanadadada Books)     1992*
Greater Garbo             Australian and NZ PC User            Oct   1992
In the Light of the Lamp  Terror Australis (Hodder and Stoughton)    1993*
Old Wood (reprint)        Strange Fruit (Penguin Books)      July  1995*
Two Tomorrow (reprint)    Beyond (UK)                        June  1995
Art Critic (reprint)      Beyond (UK)                 forthcoming  1996
In the Light of the Lamp  Chaosium (USA)              forthcoming  1996*

Feature articles

(* denotes book)

The State of the Australian Horror Fiction Magazine  Bloodsongs #1 1993
The Quest for Australian Fantasy (with Sean McMullen)Aurealis #13  1994
The Search for Early Australian Horror               Bloodsongs #2 1994
The Hunt for Australian Horror (with Sean McMullen)  Aurealis #14  1994
The Art of HAK (Harry Adam Knight)                   Bloodsongs #3 1994
The State of the Aust Horror Fiction Magazine SF Fan Resource Book 1995*
Pulp Fiction in Oz                                   Bloodsongs #4 1995
Kid's Stuff                                          Bloodsongs #5 1995
The Hunt for Australian Horror Fiction      The Scream Factory #16 1995
   (with Sean McMullen and Bill Congreve)
Australian Children's SF on TV (with Sean McMullen)  Sirius #10    1995
A Touch of Darkness - Gary Crew                      Bloodsongs #6 1995
Scoop - 1 (Australian SF/F/H News)                   Eidolon 19    1995
Horror on the Internet                               Severed Head  1995
Scoop - 2 (Australian SF/F/H News)                   Eidolon 20    1996
Scoop - 3 (Australian SF/F/H News)                   Eidolon 21    1996
A Couple a Cowboys                                   Bloodsongs #7 1996
Australian Fantasy (with Sean McMullen)    Encyclopedia of Fantasy 1996*


Stephen Donaldson          Dark Horizons  -  UK                    1983
Stephen Donaldson(reprint) Yellow Submarine - France               1983
Martin Middleton           The Australian SF Writers' News #2 June 1992
Sean McMullen              The Australian SF Writers' News #3 Sept 1992
Paul Voermans              The Australian SF Writers' News #4 Dec  1992
Rick Kennett               The Australian SF Writers' News #5 Mar  1993
Martin Middleton (reprint) Sirius #1                          Mar  1993
Rick Kennett (reprint)     Sirius #2                          June 1993
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Paul Voermans (reprint)    Interzone #76 - UK                 Oct  1993
Victor Kelleher (reprint)  Sirius #4                          Feb  1994
Roxarne Burns (Pan)        The Australian SF Writers' News #7 Sept 1994
Sherry-Anne Jacobs         The Australian SF Writers' News #9 Mar  1994
Sean Williams              The Australian SF Writers' News#10 June 1994
Sherry-Anne Jacobs(reprint)Sirius #5                          Sept 1994
Paul Collins               Sirius #7                          Dec  1994
Isobelle Carmody           Sirius #8                          Mar  1995
Paul Jennings              Sirius #9                          July 1995
Louise Thurtell (Harper)   Eidolon #21                        Apr  1996
Sean McMullen              Eidolon #22                             1996


The Australian SF Writer's News (Issues 1 - 12) March 1992 - Dec 1994

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