Rowena Cory Lindquist

(born 5.2.58, Brisbane)

In the late seventies Rowena was in partnership with Paul Collins in the Cory and Collins, Publishing House. She produced several covers for Paul at this time. They ran a secondhand book and record shop which specialised in SF&F.

In 1983 she went into partnership with Chris Johnston and Stephen Campbell, in a graphic studio called GASPP! They produced many books covers and illustrated many childrenB9s books.

In March of 1987 they designed and painted the stunning fantasy/SF mural which hangs in the children's ward of the Monash Medical centre. This was done in memory of James Foyster. It covered about twelve metres and told a continuous story.

In June of 1987 Chris Johnston and Rowena produced the triple fantasy mural which hangs in the Infants' ward of the Monash Medical Centre.

In 1996 her first children's novel was published by Scholastic. Lothian accepted her SF/horror book The Intruder as part of Gary Crew's After Dark series. All together in 1996 she sold 9 children's books ranging from early primary to young adult, from contemporary through humorous, to SF/Fantasy.

Rowena continues to live in Brisbane with her husband and six children who make finding time to write a challenge.

I gave up on artwork when I discovered how much I like eating and having a place to live. Silly me, I took up writing to earn some money. Actually I've done quite well. I write children's books under my own name (I sold 9 last year, ranging from early readers to YA, contemporary through humour to SF/F/Horror). I also write erotica under a pseudonym. I won the April Cosmo $1000 for a thousand words short story comp. My stories range from SF/F/Horror, through contemporary again, and they are appearing in a number of anthologies, four of which have already been released.

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