Paul Kidd

Paul sends the following:


Born either in 1681 or in 1963, Paul Kidd has embarked on a career as a writer of novels, comics, computer games and animation.

... either that, or he turned to piracy during the war of the Spanish Succession, 1701 to 1715, scourging French Ships from the waters of the Indian ocean in a reign of bloody terror.

Several facts ARE certain. He does live in Melbourne, Australia, and he does have a loving and tolerant Wife, Christine. Paul Kidd read a BA degree in History at Latrobe university - and liked it so much he took it home and blu-tacked it to his wall. Attempts to recover the document have thus far failed since Mr Kidd insists on speaking a rare dialect of Iroquois.

An avid fan of anthropomorphics, Paul is an active member of "Furry Fandom", and can usually be found wherever funny animal comics can be had. He will occasionally embarrass art shows with his sculptures of mouse girls in lingerie, and has occasionally been known to dress up as a platypus in public.


"Mus of Kerbridge": TSR Books 1995

"Being the Life and Tymes of a gentleman mouse, and his severall companions": The tale of an ordinary mouse magically granted human intelligence, and his adventures in a world of Roundheads and Cavaliers... Good old fashioned mellodrama.

"A Council of Blades": TSR Books December 1996

An adventure comedy - and definitely NOT a typical "Forgotten Realms" novel. Follow the adventures of a bad tempered princess and a kleptomaniac "fire-bird" as they deal with the Machiavellian intrigues of an Italian court.

"A Whisper of Wings": VISION publishing, Due 1997

Truly beautuful; an actual AUSTRALIAN fantasy. Set in the highland forests of Victoria, "A Whisper of Wings" chronicles a time of spiritual crisis in the lives of a non-human race of hunter/gatherers, the "Kashra". As disaster arises, two Messiahs arise - each one pure in their vision, and tragically opposed. The best of my best. Cover and internal plates by Terrie Smith.

Still to come.

Hoo boy - you should see my stack of manuscripts! Just pray god that you're never made an editor and I find your postal address...

COMICS - works of fun and laughter! "Tank Vixens": Antarctic Press 1994-96: Reprints by VISION comics 1997 Originally intended both as a pisstake and a celebration of the "furry" and "anime" genres, "Tank Vixens" is the damned silly chronicles of a bunch of bimbos with guns!

SEE the evil General "Udda Von Schteppenslammer" as she desports herself on piles of dead Gerbils!

SEE "Hilda", the Perfect Sceretary, as she poses so nicely in the margins WITNESS idiotic vixens blowing stuff up!

All this and more, folks. The VISION reprints are in full colour with added short stories at the start of the collection.

"Zu": MU Press 1995 to... A natty little anthology comic to which I often contribute Taoist fairytales, or short stories. Well worth a look.

"Genus": Antarctic Press 1993 to... A fun "Adult" anthology to which I constantly contribute.

"Wild Kingdom": MU Press 1993 to... Mu press' furry x rated comic, to which I occasionally send stories.

Coming soon!

"Traders Inc" - a deliciously funny space opera, following the adventures of a team of miss-matched free traders in search of fun, fortune and wet integument. Playrs of the old "Traveller" Role Playing Game should feel right at home!

"Third Eye Private Eyes" - a team of characters try to run a private eye agency in a "dungeons and Dragons" style fantasy world. The idea is a lot more trouble than they had initially hoped...

"Oceana" - manic fun under the seas. Oceana is the adventures of a group of mermaids and hippocampi struggling through sorcery school in a world almost entirely dissimilar to ancient Greece. Good fun in the anime tradition.

"Hive" - a darkly beautiful series set in a hive of intelligent humanoid bees. With the old queen dying, the hive's factions begin to jostle for power. - Too pretty to put aside....


Ugh. Must we? Oh well...

Lessee - I started with the old text adventure "Lord of the Rings", doing dialogue and descriptions. After that, there came over 40 titles - as both designer and producer.

Most recently, I have been writing dialogie for CD rom games. The releases most current have been:


"Discworld 2"