Shannah Jay

pseudonym for Sherry-Anne Jacobs 1941- (better known as Anna Jacobs, which is her main public name)

Full time Western Australian novelist writing under three names. Long fantasy series called The Chronicles of Tenebrak.

Lands of Nowhere
Shadow of the Serpent
The Price of Wisdom

Note from Anna Jacobs, June 2004.

I was checking my Shannah Jay persona on line and found your web page. Nice to know Shannah Jay is still remembered. My name is spelled Sherry-Anne Jacobs (Y not I) - but I'd rather you said Anna Jacobs, which is my main public name.

Anna Jacobs: 'Our Mary Ann' (pbk 2/04), 'Twopenny Rainbows' (hbk 2/04, pbk 8/04), 'Marrying Miss Martha' (hbk only 5/04), 'Threepenny Dreams' (hbk 8/04)