Lee Harding

Lee Harding was born in Colac, Victoria in 1937. His stories appeared regularly in UK, US and Australian publications 1960-1976, and in translations into twelve languages. In 1975 his first full length sf novel, A World of Shadows was published in England. Since then his output has been primarily book-length.

In 1975 he edited the first hardcover collection of international sf stories published in Australia, Beyond Tomorrow. His sf for children has been highly regarded. Waiting For the End of the World was highly commended in the 1984 Children's Book of the Year Award. Displaced Person won the Alan Marshall Award in 1978 and the 1980 Australian Children's Book of the Year. In 1980 he was awarded a Senior Writer's Fellowship by the Literature Board of Australia Council and again in 1984. He has also written two radio serials for the Australian Broadcasting Commission.

Harding, Lee, The Altered I (editor)
Harding, Lee, Beyond Tomorrow (editor)
Harding, Lee, The Children of Atlantis (young readers)
Harding. Lee, Displaced Person
Harding. Lee, The Fallen Spaceman (young readers)
Harding, Lee, The Frozen Sky (young readers)
Harding, Lee, Future Sanctuary
Harding, Lee, The Gift of Time*
Harding, Lee, Return to Tomorrow (young readers)
Harding, Lee, Rooms of Paradise (editor)
Harding, Lee, Waiting for the End of the World
Harding, Lee, The Web of Time
Harding, Lee, The Weeping Sky
Harding, Lee, A World of Shadows

*The Gift of Time was purchased by Laser Books, who went out of business prior to publication. Then Donner Starblaze bought it ... whatever happened to Starblaze?

Heartsease, a non-sf novel, is to be published by Harper Collins in March 1997, in their A&R imprint.