Greg Egan

Thoughtful, philosophical, fast paced hi-tech thriller style sf, set in the 21st Century. The viewpoint character is often an investigator, which leads to many of the stories feeling a little like a detective thriller, but always set in a hi-tech future, often invoking hot SF areas such as nanotech, virtual reality, genetic engineering, advanced computing. More philosophical material than most SF writers, looks at the nature of reality in most books. Great stuff. Has beecome a new star in sf. A little uneven, but every book has been a real treat, and each seems to me better than the previous. His shorter stories have also been acknowledged by readers with with many nominations for awards. He recently started writing full time, after working with computers in the medical area.

I suspect he has already been nominated for more overseas awards than any other SF writer in Australia. Reputed to be a bit of a hermit, rarely seen at SF conventions, I don't really expect he will attend Aussiecon. Turns up on the Net every now and then, with brief informative postings.

Egan, Greg, An Unusual Angle
Egan, Greg, Permutation City
Egan, Greg, Our Lady of Chernobyl (four short stories) (MirrorDanse)
Egan, Greg, Quarantine
Egan, Greg, Distress (UK Dec '95, US July '97)
Egan, Greg, Axiomatic (stories)
(Forthcoming is a novel _Diaspora_, UK Feb '97, US Spring '98)

Direct from Greg Egan is this biography:

I was born in Perth in 1961. I have a B.Sc. in Mathematics from the University of W.A. I've worked as a computer programmer in medical research, but I'm currently writing full-time.

There was an excellent web site at and another at the but both have now disappeared.