Terry Dowling

Talented Sydney author, often an attendee at SF conventions in Australia, where he is a bright and enthusiastic panelist. Terry has set his work in his own version of a future Australia. I rather think some exposure to his work is required before you realise just how impressive his mythic landscapes actually are. His images are very vivid. His Tom Rynosseros series has been very popular with Australian readers. I believe his well deserved award count is now up to nine Ditmars.

More recently he has turned out horror material. I have not been willing to read these, as I'm sure they would give me nightmares. He is that sort of writer.

Some of my favourite memories of Terry are of him and Joe Haldeman taking turns playing guitar and singing at conventions and parties.

Blue Tyson
An Intimate Knowledge of the Night
The Man Who Lost Red
Twilight Beach
Dowling, Terry and Van Ikin eds, Mortal Fire

Photo of Terry Dowling