Dr Sara Douglass

Recent fantasy author with good reviews. Born Sara Warnecke in Penola SA in 1957. Became a registered nurse in 1978. Bachelor of Arts with first class Honours in History at the University of Adelaide in 1986, obtaining a PhD in early modern English history in 1991, and currently teaches medieval history at LaTrobe University.

Aurealis award in 1996 for Best Fantasy Novel for Axis Trilogy.

Axis Trilogy
BattleAxe, HarperCollins
Enchanter, HarperCollins
StarMan, HarperCollins
Threshold, HarperCollins (not in series)
second trilogy
Sinner, HarperCollins
Pilgrim, HarperCollins (expected June 1998)

There was a web page for Sara Douglass author at www.bendigo.net.au/~douglass/index.html