Stephen Dedman

Stuff for the A in 99 webpage (my page at Eidolon has a little more bio stuff, a couple of book covers, and a lousy photo).

My website has been updated, and now includes a better photo and more up-to-date bio. It may be easier for you just to put a link to it rather than try to keep a page up to date. And yes, I am a member (active) of SFFWA; have been for about 5 years.

Stephen Dedman sold his first short story, attended his first sf convention and played his first RPG in 1977. Since then, he has escaped from several institutions of higher learning, where he studied writing, theatre, and film history. Now a full-time writer living in abject poverty in Western Australia, and an associate editor of the Australian Sf magazine Eidolon, he has held too many boring jobs and a few interesting ones (including actor, experimental subject, editorial assistant for Australian Physicist magazine, used dinosaur salesman, and manager of an sf bookshop). A keen traveller, he attends Worldcons whenever he can afford them, and has been a panelist at ConDigeo, MagiCon, Conadian, and Intersection. He has too many opinions, too few books, far too few bookshelves, too little time for reading, a wife, a wife-in-law, custody of two saber-clawed cats, a modest collection of toy dinosaurs, and (despite all rumours to the contrary) only one black cape.


The Art of Arrow Cutting	Tor Books, April 1997
Forthcoming Novel
Foreign Bodies (Tor)

Short Stories
Report on Proposed Demolition of Sydney Opera House
				Artlook Vol.3 No.9 Nov 1977
Optional Extras			Aphelion No.3, Winter 1986
Mesozoic Error			Aphelion No.4, Spring 1986
The Dirty Little Unicorn	Self-published, 1987
				(Ditmar nominee)
Spin				Strange Plasma No.2, April 1990
But Smile No More		Aurealis #2, December 1990
				(Reprinted in Metaworlds:  Best
				Australian SF)
Errand of Mercy			Glass Reptile Breakout and Other
				  Australian Speculative Fiction
Foreign Bodies			Aurealis #8, June 1992
A Death in Casablanca		Strange Plasma No.5, 1992
As Wise as Serpents		Fantasy and Science Fiction,   July 1993
Heir of the Wolf		Terror Australis:
Best			        Australian Horror
Vigil				Fantasy and Science Fiction,  August 1993
Desired Dragons			Alien Shores, June 1994
The Lady of Situations		Little Deaths
					(Reprinted in Bonescribes:
Year's Best Australian Horror)
From Whom All Blessings Flow	Asimov's Science Fiction, April 1995
The Godfather Paradox		Eidolon 17/18, July 1995
A Sort of Walking Miracle	Science Fiction Age, Sep 1995
Maiden Voyage			Eidolon 19, October 1995
Miniatures			Eidolon 20, January 1996
They Shoot Mobsters, Don't They?
					Burst! 5, January 1996
The Pillar			Burst! 6, March 1996


The Service of the Dead		Aurealis #16, June 1996
Never Seen By Waking Eyes	Fantasy and Science Fiction
Suckerbait				Bones #1
Tourist Trade			Science Fiction Age, Nov 1996
Film Noir				Dark Destiny III: Children of 						Dracula
Christmas at the Chushingura Cafe
					Space and Time #87
Upon a Midnight Clear		Bloodsongs (Aust)
Upon a Midnight Clear		Black October Magazine (US)
Schrodinger's Catalyst		Fantasy and Science Fiction
Tour de Force			Asimov's Science Fiction
A Single Shadow			Beyond
Your Own Light-Hearted Friend
					365 Scary Stories
Silver Futures			365 Scary Stories
Sarcophagus				365 Scary Stories

RPG Material

Pre-Emptive Strike (Villains and Vigilantes)
	Fantasy Games Unlimited, 1985
The Great Iridium Con (Villains and Vigilantes)
	Fantasy Games Unlimited, 1986
Space Atlas 4 - The Saga Sector (GURPS Space)
	Steve Jackson Games, 1991
An ADandD Guide to Narnia
	Australian Realms #6, July 1992
Rightful Possession (GURPS Martial Arts Adventures)
	Steve Jackson Games, 1993
	Pyramid 9, September/October 1994
Time of the Tyrants
	Pyramid 15, September/October 1995
The Tyrants
	Pyramid 16, November/December 1995
GURPS Dinosaurs
	Steve Jackson Games, May 1996