Damien Broderick

No two Broderick novels cover the same territory, therefore if you seek consistency, you seek elsewhere. His work is often tragic, sometime funny, and almost always stirring. The literary merit of his work has been recognised by the four Literature Board Fellowships he has gained. Born in 1944, the earliest of his stories I can see date from around 1963, when he started writing to help pay University fees (one dedication is to the Monash University Student Loan Committee "who made it necessary").

His novella Schrodinger's Dog appeared in Harper Collin's Australia Year's Best SF and in Gardner Dozois's Year's Best SF.

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The Black Grail (Avon)
The Dark Between The Stars, PB stories
The Dreaming Dragons, HC
The Judas Mandala, PB
A Man Returned, PB stories
Matilda At the Speed of Light (editor)
The Sea's Furthest End, AUTOPB
Sorcerer's World, PB
Strange Attractors (editor)
Striped Holes, (Avon) PB
Transmitters, PB
Valencies (Collaboration with Rory Barnes)
The White Abacus (Avon, April 1997)
The Zeitgeist Machine, (editor) PB
Zones (with Rory Barnes) (Harper Collins Australia May 1997)

Reading by Starlight: Postmodern Science Fiction (Routledge, 1995)
   *about* sf
The Lotto Effect: Towards a Technology of the Paranormal (Hudson: Hawthorn, 1992)
   about psi
The Architecture of Babel: Discourses of Literature and Science (Melbourne University Press, 1994)
   the Two Cultures split
Theory and its Discontents (Deakin University Press, 1997)
The Spike (Reed Books, 1997)

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