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My web domain contains three different web sites.

The Whitsunday Coast and Islands

Airlie Beach
Airlie Beach, party town, gateway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef, in tropical North Queensland, the greatest place on earth to live, until the developers stuffed up paradise. Tourist, dive, sailing and boating wonderland. Check out the area, the shops, the boat trips, Whitsunday Terraces Resort where we live, reports on Whitsunday islands boat trips. About 30 pages.

Computer related

Epoc and Psion Palmtops
Psion and Epoc palmtop computers, the models, the software, and how to use them more effectively. The most productive miniature business computers of the 20th Century. Dead alas in the 21st Century, and not replaced by any functional equivalent. About 80 pages.
Palmtop and Pocket Computers
Historical material on palmtop, handheld and pocket computers, about 1990 to 2000.
General Computer
Computing topics that didn't fit the more specialised palmtop headings.
Applix DIY computer manuals
Copies in PDF of the manuals I wrote for Andrew Morton's home brew Applix Motorola 68000 based multitasking computer circa 1985.

Science Fiction Fandom

An amateur magazine about written science fiction, SF fan conventions, and travel to them. A hobby of mine since 1972. Lots of short SF book reviews on site. Some back issues in HTML and Postscript format. This one is for my old friends.
The fan fund to assist SF fans travel between Australasia and Europe. Our old trip report is here.
A convention at Airlie Beach 14-17 June 2002. For SF fans. Come and experience the relaxed Queensland life style we enjoy. Kept for historical cover.
Australian Science Fiction Writers
Short biographical notes on Australian science fiction authors, plus Australian SF bookshops and publishers. Outdated.
I started a web log on Tuesday 14 March 2005, as a place to store notes that would otherwise languish in file folders. More a mind dump than a work in progress. Weblogs: everyone talking, no-one listening.

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